Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NetBeans Day redux

As any JavaOne alumni will tell you, it's always a good idea to get registration over with a day before the conference proper begins. And this year, the organizers made things easier by combining NetBeans Day (Community One) and JavaOne registration. Thumbs up guys! We will have our fill of queuing up this week, and the efficiency is appreciated. After registration, Chuk and I grabbed a 'Country Egg breakfast' at a nearby diner (not worth mentioning) and headed to the labs where he did some final testing to ensure that all will go well for his LAB-1610 "Dive into Script Programming on the Java Platform" on Thursday.

CommunityOne turned out to be much more than the NetBeans Days of the past. For one thing, I was quite stumped on which of the 8 tracks (pun unintended) to attend as they all seemed to offer something for me. But rather than dilute my attention, I decided to stick with the 2 NetBeans Day tracks 'cos there's where I spend more of my time.

Lunch with the Java Posse was entertaining (check out their podcast) but most of the technical details came in the afternoon. More about these later ...

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