Friday, May 4, 2007

Hello World

I was the unofficial department webmaster in Sun's CIM group ever since we had Mosaic and httpd some 13/14 years ago. I own domain names for each of my family members, as well as for commercial and other reasons. I've been following blogs regularly since they existed. So why am I only entering the blogosphere now? Simple, I never had enough motivation to make the time. Now that I'm commercially obliged to (won't divulge more) ... Hello World!

OK, why is this blog titled "Think Thank"? On top of the obvious potential to share thoughts and ideas with others, I wanted to express solidarity with those who constantly make the effort to acknowledge the giants whose shoulders we (software engineers today) stand on. I am of the opinion that many of us don't know enough industry history, and as a result keep making the same mistakes or are over zealous with new technologies and frameworks and succumb to SilverBulletism.

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