Monday, May 7, 2007

Getting ready for NetBeans Day (CommunityOne)

After landing 0830 HRS on Sunday from Singapore, and catching up with old friends in Palo Alto and Fremont, I took a sub-hour BART ride up to San Francisco. An old friend laughed at me when I recalled how that used to cost around $1.50 circa 1985 (my college days at Cal). It's now $5, not as expensive as they thought, and certainly much more convenient than the other commute options. After checking into my room on the 27th floor, I was greeted by decent nightscape. While I've had better views from the Grand Hyatt and Westin St. Francis for JavaOne's dating back to 1997, I've also had some brick wall vistas so I am quite content. Yes, it's been quite a techie ride and I'm looking for more of the same. The upper picture is of Moscone Center and the lower one (slightly right) is the Chrysler Building-like Marriott Hotel. Now for a good night's sleep ...

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