Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back on the saddle again

It's been 10 months since my last blog entry. The problem with my writing style is due to my habit of "packing heavy". If you've ever gone mountaineering (or even hiking) with me, you'd know that I'd have a well stocked 1st aid kit, enough food & drink for a few people, and survival and navigation equipment to make it through a freak storm. So it goes when I write. I've long suffered from BSD (boy scout disorder ;-) ) which means that I won't let myself get into many situations without being adequately prepared. I thought there might be a name for it but couldn't find it here. The way it manifests itself when I blog is that I feel as though something is wrong when I've left something out, which explains why my previous blog entries were not short. It's also an occupational hazard. Some companies use me for architectural/design review so I feel as though I have to make sure I've communicated every probable possibility to them so that they can do what it takes in time to avert disasters. And as we in the IT industry know, there are disasters happening all the time.

Anyway, I have been extremely busy since JavaOne 2007. Learned a lot since then from doing lots of hands-on work. Maybe I'll mention some of it in passing when I do similar things again. Just for the fun of it, I'm going to attempt to blog again this year but in noticeably smaller chunks. Wish me good luck!

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